YouTube Giveaway 2022 - Help Some One and win A Prize Up to 1 Lakh Rs

One of the Biggest GiveAway On YouTube by a YouTuber, Digital Sudhir.


Yes, This is Not a typographical error. Digital Sudhir Team Started an online/offline 20 questions Series. In This questions series or interview, we will ask 20 questions from the selected candidate. For Selecting the right person to fulfill the objectives of this Q&A Series we have Created 3 different Category  As follows:-

  1.  Should be working in any profession.
  2. Any regular/open college Student.
  3. Should be an entrepreneur or running a startup

What is the Objective of this Questions Answering Youtube Series?

Well, This year Digital Sudhir Team has uploaded multiple videos on youtube related to cybercrime, online fraud, education systems in colleges, and we also created some Fast Track courses for college, school Students. Recently we hit millions of views on our Two different youTube channels. 

As the channel started growing thousands of people were watching our videos, Some of them started commenting and contacting us via different methods (On Instagram, Facebook, or through the website). after receiving thousands of comments, messages and emails we got to know that many peoples in India are not aware of online fraud, scams, modern career options, and solutions of challenges related to starting a business. 

So, This is the reason behind this Q&A series on YouTube, to make everyone aware in India About Modern Career Options, So that they can get a good job, to Tell Students about the right college names in India, So their dreams don't get spoiled. It is for those who Want to start their own business but struggling to find answers to their own questions. 

"Your 20 Answers Can change Someone Future, which might impact thousands of lives. Be the Part of this change and Rise your hand for the nation. "

2022 Biggest Giveaway

Assured Gifts Winner will Gate from Digital Sudhir Team. 

  1. Apple iPhone 12
  2. Apple iPad 
  3. Samsung Galaxy M Series Phone
  4. Two flight tickets for Any Direction in India*.
  5. 1 Year Premium Health Insurance
  6. Prize Name Will be announced at the Final Day
  7. Prize Name Will be announced at the Final Day
  8. Prize Name Will be announced at the Final Day
  9. Prize Name Will be announced at the Final Day
  10. Prize Name Will be announced at the Final Day
  11. Specially gift for a random viewer who will write a beautiful comment. 

Terms and Condition For Participants and GiveAway. 

  • On the date (22-November-2021), we are publishing this Giveaway on the Digital Sudhir Website, which is completely self-sponsored.
  • We have all the right to approve or reject any application forum without or without informing the participant. 
  • Participants have the right to ask questions on
  • The age bar is not applicable to any participant.
  • The participant should be an Indian Citizen and Fall into the category mentioned in the notification (above).
  • All the questions and Answers will be contacted in English or Hindi Language only.
  • All entrepreneurs and Startup Owners have all the rights to promote their products, services, and company during the Q&A Session. 
  • The last Date for this Q&A Series, solely decided by the Team Digital Sudhir. 
  • The names of the winners will be announced on the website, Youtube and All other Platforms managed by Team Digital Sudhir. 
  • Each and every single video recorded by Team Digital Sudhir, Will be used as an asset of 
  • No Video will be removed, Deleted, or Hidden after uploading or recording. 
  • All the Prizes might be delivered to the winner's address or we can organize a function, it would depend on the permission.
  • All the gifts will be dispatched after ending of this session. 
  • College students who are going to participate in this Giveaway must have spent 2 years in college. 
  • All the details must be filled in the correct format, else we will reject your application from this competition.
  • The name of the winners of this giveaway (Q&A) will be announced when each video in this series hits one million views.
  • Once You Fill the Application form we will assume that you have read all the terms and conditions carefully.