About Us

Welcome to Digitalsudhir.com

DigitalSudhir.com: A Digital Marketing Solution Providing Website that is focused on providing one-stop Solutions for all startups. DigitalSudhir.com was founded on the principle of helping others. Founder of DigitalSudhir.com Mr. Sudhir Sharma is inspired by Former president Dr. Abdul Kalam Azaad.

We at Digitalsudhir.com are focusing on providing critical support in online marketing solutions to new businesses and Training to college students. Digital Marketing becomes pivotal for the success of any new venture. Marketing for your product and service is a catch 20 situation. The business owner wants to promote his product or service. when he is setting up shop, however, does not have funds to promote or hire a digital marketing firm. We understand our services well and our clientele very well. Hence focus on providing solutions with time-bound marketing goals and minimal charges. Our aim is to achieve the success goals. We live with one goal in our lives that “No startup should fail”.

we are a young dynamic team and we all are passionate about what we do. our core values don’t bind us to time limitations. We work on our projects 24×7 and don’t leave any stone unturned to make our clients successful. We will be able to provide Search Engine Optimization Services, Social Media Marketing Services, Brand Reputation Management, Video Marketing, and Web Design and Development Services. Our services encompass the very first step of going online which is creating your online identity. We can design your website or campaign. Help you decide the suitable online platform to go live as per your target audience. We at startup Digitalsudhir.com will help you watch every dime you spend on marketing and provide the return-on-investment figures for you. Every strategy will be monitored to provide you enough statistics to make your decisions in the future.

We recommend an incubation of six months for any non-existent entity to find its position in the top three on search Engines. Supplementation of the brand enhancement is run parallelly on all other digital channels. We focus on sustained content and video marketing for the brand. It builds a high brand recall value. We keep an eye out on our clientele for any negative publicity. Though negativity on digital platforms cannot be eradicated. however we can help you mitigate the negativity within the shortest period possible.

Brand image Consulting is a highly critical aspect of today's digital market. Everyone works on their image and keeps building on their day-to-day efforts. We at Our Project Startup 2021 become your watchdog to keep crawling every data that gets stored in the public servers. It is done to review that our clientele or their products are not shown in the bad light. The brand needs to take such feedback in stride and improve the product or services, however, our mitigation proposal will be at your disposal to execute. Ethical marketing techniques and organic growth in the digital space is our motive. This helps you and your brand grow over a period of time, however with an assurance of permanency. Our Efforts will always need to be there to stere the brands that we work for.

Costing of our services is one of the cornerstones. We have gone through the pain of no funds to launch our services and promote them. We understand this pain very well from our personal experience. Hence our offering on SEO is not the cheapest one in the market but The best. We work with a monthly retainer ship of 15000 with a timeline to improve your search ranking index in six months. Therefore, we can improve your sales and conversion ratios, which will be based on a nominal 5 % of the marketing budget you intend to spend online.