Remove green screen filmora 9

How do you make green screen transparent on Filmora?

After Studying the Previous article you already knew what is Green Screen and how to set up a green screen, today you will understand how you can change your website background using this video editing software.

How to use Chromakey to quickly remove background from video 

If you are a video maker, you may already know the need to remove any video background or green screen background. If no, then no problem you can remove or replace your video background with a static image or video, as you are going to watch in the video at the end of this article.  Basically, chromakey automatically detects the green color background in any videos and removes it. 


Record Video With Green Screen

first your need to record your video with a Bright Green Background, as we already mention to you in previous articles. Use proper lighting in the studio.

Open Wondershare filmora in Your Desktop or Laptop

Double click on the filmora icon and open it for video editing, After clicking on the icon a popup window with open for select Project aspect ratio, please select 16:9 widescreen, In you.

remove green screen

This user interface will be open on your computer. Next is you need to import your video for editing, You can do this by Drag and drop option or you just need to click the Import media option and then select the file location.

Drag your files into the editing timeline as you can see in the above image, here before starting any editing task remove your video background for saving time.

Remove green screen

First Watch the image carefully, in this image you can first select the video from the timeline, from which I need to remove or replace the background. after selecting the video.

Check Step No 2 to change the green color background in the video. Click on the green screen/chromakey button. and the video background will be removed. I will strongly recommend you to watch the video added at the end of this article for better understanding. Now your video background is removed.

How to replace your video background

For replacing your video background with any object, you need to import that object into

Step 01:- First you need to import video or static images for the background.
Step 02:- Drop your background video onto the timeline
Step 03:- If necessary, you can move and resize both the new backgrounds and object manually.
Step 04:- Are you still facing a problem with your video, then watch the video I am adding at the ending of this article.

Note:- Many times, after doing this, a subtle (सूक्ष्म) green screen highlight remains at the edge of the subject in the video frame. Most of the time this is happening due to the use of poor-quality lighting in the studio at the time of filming or Background color is uneven or maybe the green curtain you are using not a good one.  

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