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when we talk about marriage, the first thing that comes to our mind is its purity and bond. But I feel very anguished to state that the very purity of this bond is being exploited, yes you heard me right, with varieties of scams taking place worldwide, there are enormous marriage scams taking place and evolving. These days people are so exploratory that they want to seek life partners digitally and this has led to the rise of many matrimonial sites, we are not stating these apps and websites to be fake but there are people indulging in fake marriage proposals and scams/ fraud.


As the name itself suggests, MATRIMONIAL FRAUD falls under the category of fraud that is committed under the pretext of marriage, this one creates an impressive profile on the matrimonial site posing as bridegroom or bride, now the person committing this crime may be either male or female, after the successful completion of profile they approach people, once they gain their confidence they are often asked to help them in the terms of money, stating an emergency, they disappear without leaving any trace as soon as the money is transferred and hence the cycle continuous & sometimes women also get sexually abused

Matrimonial frauds in India

Rise in matrimonial fraud

The digital era brought with itself a gush in matrimonial frauds, our traditional matchmaking process has evolved through tremendous changes, and these days people often seek the perfect match for themselves over matrimonial sites, especially after the pandemic there has been a rise in the usage of matrimonial sites and along with it several fraud cases evolved and registered.

According to an article published by NDTV, a woman claimed to be cheated of 45 lakhs, a man whom she met through a matrimonial site offered to help her immigrate to Canada. This is just not one case, another case was registered on September 11, 2023, a software engineer from Ahmedabad claimed to lose 1 Cr in one month after he met a female via a matrimonial site, the woman turned out to be a scammer who convinced him to invest in Cryptocurrency hence leaving him all broke. 


No doubt everyone is hunting for a perfect highly paid groom or bride for themselves, some common matrimonial scams trending in our country INDIA are  1. Fake dowry scams 2. NRI groom scam 3. Fake groom scam etc. Recently three Nigerians were arrested in Delhi, they operated from Noida and looted hundreds of women, they posed as rich businessmen owing business abroad, and their main targets were windowed females, older unmarried and divorced females. They offered to send them gifts and in the name of custom charges looted hundreds of lives.

Matrimonial scams are rampant in INDIA these days. 

Some common matrimonial scams


If we are indulged in seeking life partners through matrimonial sites, the first and most important thing is to prevent safety and privacy, if a person denies or hesitates to meet you over video call or meet you in person, it may indicate that the person is a fraudster, if a person is enquiring about your financial status, it may indicate fraudster.

A fraudster will call you from a different number and may not have a social media handle or may have a fake social media account. Verify the Authenticity of Profiles.

Research the Platform, Stay Cautious of Red Flags, Never Share Financial Information, and Be Wary of Long-Distance Relationships:

Be especially cautious of matches who claim to live far away, making it difficult to meet in person.

Long-distance relationships can be genuine, but they are also commonly used in scams.


We know that finding a perfect Better half may not be easy, trying to find out match from matrimonial sites is okay but we need to take some precautions in order to prevent our loss, talk to friends and family before registering in matrimonial sites, check if the site is reliable or not, always look out for suspicious profile photos and background, if the account you are following is going through frequent edits, it may indicate that the profile is fake, do not share your personal details and family details at first meet, always look for verified profile match, always meet the prospective match in a public place, always be careful while dealing with NRI profile since there are lot on ongoing NRI groom scams going on.


A 34-year-old man owing an MBA and B.tech degrees was arrested from Mumbai for cheating over 40 women using matrimonial sites, He used to lure women from rich backgrounds by promising to marry them.

Another man identified as Prithviraj Salve was arrested for duping a CA aspirant in Mumbai, Salve offered to buy an iPhone for her at half the cost for which he asked her to pay 52000, when the victim didn't receive her iPhone even after making the payment she reported to the nearby police station and hence he was arrested.

Remember that not everyone you encounter online has ill intentions, but being cautious is the best approach to ensure a safe and enjoyable online dating experience. While love is a beautiful and powerful emotion, safeguarding your heart and wallet is equally important. By following these preventive measures and using common sense, you can significantly reduce the risk of matrimonial scams and focus on building genuine, lasting connections.

Staying safe on matrimonial sites: 

Here are some precautions to take when using matrimonial websites:

  1. Choose Reputable Platforms: Stick to well-established matrimonial websites with a track record of safety and user protection.
  2. Protect Personal Information: Be cautious about sharing sensitive data like your address, financial details, or Social Security number.
  3. Report Suspicious Activity: If you suspect someone is a scammer, report the profile to the platform administrators.
  4. Trust Your Instincts: If something doesn't feel right, trust your instincts and take a step back.

Governments around the world have taken various steps to combat matrimonial scams and protect their citizens from online fraud. Some of them are as stated below

  • . Legislation:  Our government has been enacting laws and regulations to govern online matrimonial sites in order to prevent scams
  • 2. Verification: User is always required to verify their identity via proper government-issued IDs such as Adhar card
  • 3. Educational campaigns: several educational campaigns are held in order to spread awareness about the ongoing scams and to help citizens remain safe.
  • 4. cyber crime units set up: several teams are set up who are well trained to handle scams related to matrimonial sites
  • 5. Support services: victims of Matrimonial scams are provided with services such as counseling and legal assistance.

Conclusion: One should always be informed about online safety and privacy measures in this age of digital era to reduce matrimonial scams as much as possible.

Author's Name : Urmila Mehta

I am a passionate cybercrime research enthusiast dedicated to combating online fraud and cybercrime in India. My mission is to contribute to a safer digital environment through the advancement of digital security practices and education..

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