What is Blogging in Digital Marketing by Digital Sudhir in Details

What is a blog or (Web Log)? Complete definition By Digital Sudhir 

Your Might had thought, about blogging, or have Questioned yourself.  What is blogging, how blogs are different from websites, and how does it work? Then no worry today I will answer your also questions with blog examples today.  

What is a Blog ?  

Basically, Any Blog is similar to a website, but functions in a different way. Blogging website displayed their weblogs (Blogs) in reverse order in the form of a timeline. In simple words, Your latest post would be appearing in the first position.  

Who does online blogging and why?

The Starting Blogs was written or created by Individuals or small groups of people, which basically shared their thoughts on the internet in the form of conversations.

For Now, Big organizations took a forward step in these areas, and start using to publish information about their product or services and share their opinion with a group.


Growth of Blogging

What is the history of Blogging?

Blogging was started in the Mid 90s, Many users on the internet started writing their personal dairies and Journals. People started Continuously writing personal web pages and regularly posted things related to their personal life, daily thoughts, and their opinions. 

The term “Web Blog” was coined in the late 90s, and later it changes to “weblog” and then it changes again to “We Blogs” after this it changes once again and it was final as “Blog”.

The number of people, who love to write online started increasing day by day, and because of this many developers started working on online tools.  These tools aimed to helped users to create their blogs more conveniently. 

On 23 August 1999, Company Name Pyra Labs Introduced blogger.com.  It was the first tool on the internet which was dedicated to publishing blogs.

Later, in 2003 this company Pyra Labs was acquired by Google. All the Premiums which were paid in the starting are now made free by Google. Blogger.com was founded by Evan Williams, and he left google in 2004.

In 2003, the same year, when google purchased blogger.com, A company Name wordpress.org released its free Blogging platform. 

In today's times, WordPress Blogging platforms are very popular in the world, and you might be surprised to know that more than 30% of websites on the world wide web are power by WordPress.


Is there any difference between a blog or a website? 

Blog vs website

There is not a huge difference between a website and a blog. The online one key difference between blog and website is that the content on a blog is updated regularly and shows this content to the internet user in reverse order.

In the starting period, most of the websites on the inter were statics, and content was written only one or two pages. But most of the blogging websites were dynamic and get updated articles more frequently.

Most large websites create a blog section on their website. They provide regular content on this website, which basically related to their product and service and help them to generate more traffic.

Last But not least, In website content are classified in the form of different page, in blogs content can be organized through categories and tags. 


Why do people start blogs? What are the benefits of blogging?

Everyone one has a different mindset, some people write blogs to share their personal experiences, thoughts, and opinion.  some write it just to make people aware about a product, service, offer, or maybe a journal, which might keep his/her user always updated.
In today's time, Company’s or organizations create blogs to influence their users, share news, and target a wider audience. We should not forget that blogs help websites to generate more traffic and sales, and this is the reason for many companies, blogs are an important part of marketing strategies.

 Here are the some benefits of doing blogging. 

  • Blogging provides you a platform, where you can share your skills, creativity with the world. 
  • Right place to share your personal and professional thoughts. 
  • You can create your own niche by share regular articles on your blogger. 
  • Defiantly with time will enhance your writing abilities.  
  • If your blog gains popularity on the internet, people with start searching about you, which means you can do personal branding. 
  • Time for always updated

What type of blogs and bloggers ? (Classification of blogs).
 In the 21st century of Internet Blogging, where everyone one to share their thoughts on the internet and can also earn money. On Internet, there are different types of blogs which are targeting different groups and niches, also different bloggers some may like to write about technology and some may write about fashion and etc.  
You are reading this article “what is blogging”, because you may be also interested in blogging. If yes, you want to be the next blogger and ready to share your thoughts and experience on the internet but don’t know in which category your article fell, No Problem. I am going to mention different types of Bloggers categories on the internet.

1) What is Personal Blogging?

In the 90s, when blogging just began, people used to create daily weblogs (Known as blogs), on the internet to share their daily experiences with other readers, such as feelings, thoughts, and opinions. 
For Starting any type of Personal Blogs, there are no rules and guidelines to follow, you can write in any way. You can assume personal blogs like diaries, the difference only anyone on the internet can read this.  

In 2021 Bloggers used different technology and platform to do blogging on the internet. In the 90s it was difficult for everyone to understand about creating a website or something like that.  But Now Many only pre-created platforms are available for creating a blogging website. Anyone can use Blogger, WordPress, Tumbler, or other similar networks for this.  

If your doubt is still not clear, what is personal blogging? Think like this, whatever you do in your day-to-day life, such as you may follow your passion about something, your hobby, interest in something like politics. And you start writing about this on an online platform, it would be known as personal blogging. 

What is personal Blogging

2) What is business Blogging?

Business blogs are usually created to share news and update about a particular Organization's product and service. The main purpose of doing business blogging is to generate more and more traffic, people's attention, this visitor to the website can be turn customers for their business.
The Golden rule for doing Business blogging is, keep the interest of your client/customer in mind while you are writing an article.  For Example, if you run a tour and travel company then you must write an article related to travel spots, Destination planning, Mounting, and other adventure which somewhere related to your business.  Your post should cover topics like how to plan a 7-day budget trip with family. 

2.1) What is a successful business blog?

Want to be a successful business blogger, write what your readers love to read, this will end up with subscribing for your next blogs post, submitting a lead form, or might be a purchase. Also keep in mind, while writing an article each piece of your paragraph should encourage readers to learn more about your products and services.

Tata Motors business Blogs

3) What is professional Blogging ?

Professional Bloggers are used to writing blogs for a particular niche or group to make online money. They earn millions of dollars by doing professional blogging. For simple understanding, such types of bloggers aimed to generate more traffic on their blog posts and earn a salary through this traffic.
Now the question is How does a Blogger earn money via blogging on the internet? I already answer this question in one of my videos on YouTube, also going to write a dedicated blog on this topic. Content writers used different monetization options and planning to achieve their aim they put display ads, write an article specially for product promotion, promoting other company’s product and get a good commission for this.
Most of the professional bloggers worked on multiple blogging websites to target different niches on the world wide web and generate online income through it. Each article on their website has enough potential to attract a new audience and generate large traffic which is suitable for advertisement and product sales. 

3.1) What is the success of professional blogging?

The success of a professional blogger depends on their monetization goals. Those who want to make money from advertising will need a lot of traffic from an audience interested in a particular topic. For example, a popular personal finance blog is likely to attract audiences that advertisers from retirement savings companies, banks, and similar businesses will want to attract. Besides advertising, a personal finance blogger can also monetize by creating their own personal finance course or partnering with others who have personal finance courses.

What is proffessional blogging

 4) What is niche Blogging? 

People Who write articles on a particular niche are known as niche bloggers. These types of blogs only just not cover broad topics, They contain very specific information about them. You can start niche blogging on any topic because it covers a specific group of people, all they are interested in the same product and service. Here are some examples of niche blogging ideas that may be useful for you. Write Blogs/articles on Cooking, Blogs on fitness and workout, storytelling, and poetry writing niche. 

Writing blogs for a niche will also help you to gain deep information about any topics on which you're going to write. As niche blogs forced on specific information. After investing some time, when people started visiting your blog website, you can easily turn it into a small business, and who knows when a 1 room delivery company can cover the global market Amazon. 

For the success of a niche blog, it is very important to choose the right theme. By choosing a niche, which makes you interest and you will not get bored while doing research for your next article.

Niche blogging example

Here is the list of some popular Niche Blogs?

Create a Home Decor Blog
Many people search on the internet for to do some change in their houses by themselves own self. They love to work on small decoration projects on which they work their own. This is the reason behind of success of DIY Home D├ęcor blogs become very famous on the internet in a little time. Such blogs cover lots of topics in the same field of decoration. For example, wall decoration to custom designing in a room.

Create a Niche Blog For Health

You know we all search for tips for improving over health on the internet. For example, losing weight, improve eye sight, Daily diet plans, etc. All these searches make popular of Health niche blogs and for now, this is one of the most competitive niches. But it not means you will not be going to get successes in this field, a good content writing strategy and continued effort are required in this field.

 5. What is Affiliate Blogging  ?

When a blogger starts writing for a commission on a sale of something or writing for a particular product called affiliate blogging, or such bloggers know as an affiliate blogger. This type of blogs list other company products on their blogs pages, and when a visitor comes to an affiliate blogger website for reading about a product, service and notice the product ads. If he clicks on the product and makes a purchase, the affiliate blogger will receive some affiliate commission from the product creator.

Basically, affiliate bloggers tend to write reviews of the products in their blogs. Some bloggers review multiple products on one website, and while others create a dedicated website for a particular product, service Category to earn more affiliate products. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a major part of such blogs as bloggers have to rank their testimonials on the first positions of the search result page.


 5.1) What is the success of affiliate blogging ? 

Well, the answer is very simple, the goal of affiliate marketing is to generate more and more sales to earn more commission. For this affiliate, bloggers need to review products in a way people like to buy and start trusting on his/her website. Affiliate bloggers also need to focus on search engine optimization to rank their website in search, as today time affiliate marketing has become more competitive.  
An affiliate marketer can also create email list thought their visitor by subscribing their blogs, and you will be surprised to know that many organization sources of income is this type email lists. 

Affiliate marketing examples

6) What is Freelance Blogging? 

When you stop writing for your own blogs, and start writing for others' blogs websites on demand and get paid for this, know as affiliate blogging. Many Companies and successful bloggers search for freelance bloggers for the content writing on their websites and pay them according to how many words they write in a blog. For entering freelance blogging once most have experience in the same, in the freelancing quality content is required. If you have experience in blogging and want to earn by writing for other then freelance blogging is for you my friend. 

Freelance bloggers cover topics suggested by their clients. Some position themselves as experts in a particular industry or niche, while others position themselves as general writers who can cover anything with little research. Experts in a particular industry or niche can generally borrow more than regular writers.


freelance blogging

Are you ready to start your blogging website?

I hope after reading this, Now you might be interested in starting your own blog website on the internet. It is very easy to start a blogging website and it will take 1 or 2 minutes to set up your blog. Before taking the next step you need to do two things, first, think of a name for your blog, and second, chose a niche or topics you are going to cover on your blogging platform. You don’t need to do any investment in the start to start blogging. 


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