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Many people love to record videos for some special moments of life and some want to share their experiences with the world. For this, we all need a video editing tool that helps us in Editing videos and Makes them enjoyable for others. Wondershare filmora is the software that helps everyone to achieve this goal, With the help of filmora you can easily edit and create videos, add effects, and music/sound, transitions into your videos. Filmora software is ideal for beginners to learn video editing.

Filmora Video Editor is a popular video editing software for Windows users who have not had much editing experience but want to create professional videos. People who used filmora are impressed because of the powerful performance, and many filmora users claim that this is the best video editing tool.

Wondershare Filmora uses a built-in design that makes it popular among video editors. Filmora's advanced features such as GPU Support and video proxy save time and effort. 

Feature available in wonder share filmora editing software

  • change the background of your video using Chromakey
  • Create special effects in your videos
  • Eliminate background noise.
  • Use Picture-in-Picture to overlay multiple video clips that make your videos awesome.
  • Add up to five text tracks and ten music tracks to the timeline.
  • Add pan and zoom movements to still frames.
  • Edit and export videos up to 4k resolution.
  • Adjust the dynamic range of the clips.
  • Adjust the white balance.
  • Reduce the number of repetitions. As a result, video editors can easily move videos forward.
  • Support for hotkey commands so that video editors can edit faster.
  • Apply color adjustments to multiple clips at the same time.
  • Audio Ducking strategically mutes music to make dialog stand out.
  • Apply speed control. You can slow down a specific moment or quickly jump to an interesting part.
  • Adapt your video for any platform. They can personalize their creations.
  • Divide the screen. This is a unique method of storytelling.
  • Create your own elements to improve visual interaction.
  • Filmora's drag and drop feature offers the flexibility to add pictures and video clips to the timeline. Then they can change the playback order.
  • Add a logo to your video. Video editors can also adjust the video size with a few clicks.
  • Create vibrant videos. Videos like these make a brand trustworthy and professional.

How to Edit videos in filmora

Filmora is one of the best editing software in the market because anyone can learn easily that how to edit videos and start editing their own content.  First, you need to install filmora editing software on your computer/Laptop then Click on the software icon to open filmora on your computer. If your system working on SSD and you also had a graphic card, then it will open in less time otherwise it will take some time. . Click "Open Project" to select one of the projects (.wfp files) saved on your computer. Left-click on "New Project" to enter the editing interface and start a completely new project.

Frequently Asked Questions about filmora:

✅Do I have to pay to use Filmora?

Filmora is basically a complete package for video editing, and many people use it for video editing. You can also use all the templates and some pre-loaded features in this tool in the free version. But the problem or drawback with the free version is the watermarked. Yes, filmora watermarked will be on your all-exported videos. To remove this watermark you need to purchase the paid version of this video editing tool.

✅Can we use Filmora 9 offline?

Once you activate filmora, you can use it offline, which now no more worry about internet for video editing. You can also activate offline by going to offline activation option. For activating this software, you required enter the details of your license registration code and email address in the activation tab in the offline mode.

✅Can I animate in Filmora9?

FilmoraPro is recommended for animation. Create animated videos by integrating keyframes for smooth and natural animation. You need to create a white plane to easily create animation in your video. Audio mixer and color grading will take animated video to a whole new level.

✅ filmora video editing software price in India

You can use filmora free of cost with the company watermark on every exported video. For removes watermark from videos, you need to purchase the software. It will cost you as follow.. 
  1. PERPETUAL PLAN 69.99 Dollar /Yearly 
  2. SUBSCRIPTION PLAN 39.99 Dollar/Yearly
  3. MONTHLY PLAN 7.99 Dollar/Monthly 

Complete video tutorial on video editing in Filmora Software

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